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thank you for reading.

my journey with ashtanga started just before xmas time last year when i went along to couple of local ashtanga classes as was very seriously entertaining the idea of introducing something that would be more physically and mentally involving in my life.

apart from buying my own mat, my journey pretty much came to a pause until the end of january this year.  i started reading about ashtanga whatever i could find on the wondrous web. then i bought a dvd – as i preferred the excersize from the comfort of my home – and dipped into it.

i was amazed to realize how stiff my body was! the mat represented a very honest picture of my physical being and i didn’t like it. after couple of weeks of not a very regular practice i was able to memorize the sun salutations and standing sequence – my version of it, that is. and about the same time i started looking for the course. triyoga had a 5 week beginners course led by saskia vidler, an authorized teacher. sounded good and i enrolled.

the led class was a good introduction and it was great to meet someone who has been living ashtanga for a good number of years, who could translate the feel and the purpose. since then, i have had ups and downs, doubts and excitements and all sorts. i added couple of books to my collection and decided it was time to research mysore style. i took up a crash course at euston shala a month ago and am now ready for a change in my practice.

in the meantime my practice started to be more frequent. a couple of weeks back i decided to do my practice first thing in the morning. now, this might not sound as impressive to most of people, but to me  – a very not morning person – and my husband, this was an achievement worth glowing about. the funny thing is, yes, it’s hard to open my eyes in the morning but i look forward to stepping on that mat. it calls for me – i’ll discuss the thoughts and feelings that appeared in my next post/s.

so…. here i am. waiting for the teacher from the shala to get back to me about my first mysore class.

i hope that any of you out there will help and join me through my journey with ashtanga, all comments and suggestions welcome.