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so…. where to start?

right, my home practice goes up to purvottanasana and then a few sitting poses (usually the easier ones) and then into the finishing sequence with selection of poses (again, the easier ones).

well, keeping in mind that my first mysore session is coming in a week time, i thought i should pause and analyse how far have i come and what should i focus my efforts on.

here are the main issues i need to work on to have my practice improved (up until the balancing standing postures that is as i think my practice in the mysore class will be shortened from what i try to do at home):

  • rolling toes from chaturanga into upward – downward dog. how do people manage to do this is beyond me!?!? my toes hurt at attempting this and i cheat with doing foot-by-foot.
  • lifting from chaturanga into upward dog without collapsing on the floor. at the beginning of the practice my chaturanga was so rubbish – it was not even close to what it should be. then i started using the modified version with my knees being on the floor when going into it. this seemed to help build up my upper arm/ shoulder part as after couple of weeks i managed to get into the full chaturanga. i was so happy! still, now i have problems lifting out of it ;-( i manage the very first upward dog of my very first san salut and that is about it.
minor issues – as i see them:
  • legs completely straight in sun salut second vinyasa and in couple of other similar position. i am sometimes quite successful 😉
  • totally straight leg and no shaking 😉 in revolved trikonasana
  • head all the way to the floor in the wide stance forward bends
of course the above does not mention the ever elusive mula bandha and less elusive uddiyana bandha that i need to keep re-engaging as they are released through the movement.

i think my main issue at the moment is not having enough strength in my upper body to hold the majority of my weight when lifting into upward dog and also other transitions.
i am hoping that the solution is partly also in the technique 😉 otherwise i will be so sad ;-(
anyway, my new mysore classes will start soon and i hope that my teacher will pick up only on the above and not spot another billion of mistakes.