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as per my previous post, i got sooooo excited after my first class.

however, prior to that class for a few days i felt this sharp pain in my right shoulder blade – or nearby. now, this pain is not something new. i had it before on a few occasions and i always call it a mouse-click-pain as in – it’s related and caused by sitting in front of the computer and clicking away. usually, the pain lasts for 2-3 days and then it disappears. this time around, i guess because of increased activity on my shoulder girdle the pain stayed a bit longer. the very intensive class with lots of vinyasas did not help and the pain is still here.

the day after my class it was a moon day and then i decided that i should take a few extra days off and not aggrivate the muscles further.

however, as i am obviously dying to do my practice every day, the dilemma is here – do i push myself and hope that everyday practice will strengthen the muscles and the pain will go away or do i stay still and wait for it to go away first? i don’t know. i do not want to make it worse and make any long term damage. i also do not want to risk going back home in couple of weeks and not being able to have a good swim ;-(

man, this is hard!!! if you told me a few months ago that i would get hooked on ashtanga, i would have probably laughed at you. now, i sit on my sofa and (naughtily) at my computer again and going through the asanas in my head. i so want it and feel gutted i have to just stay put. i know i have my whole life to do it and there is no rush and i should listen to my body. but i do feel so disobedient!!!!