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so i had my first mysore style class last week at euston shala – woohooo!

i was so excited about it and i can tell you it was so goooood!

the teacher roberta was lovely. very beautiful smile and a manner that puts you at ease – let’s not forget – it was my first time and i was a wee bit nervous.

anyway, the teacher let me do my routine up to trianga mukhaikapada paschimottanasana (man, that’s a mouthful) which was more than i expected her to let me.

i warned her about collapsing in between chaturanga and upward dog but was very pleased with myself as i managed to get up without collapsing – well, at least for most of my sun saluts 😉 i felt i got deeper into asanas. the teacher adjusted me a few times and had to help me of course with the standing balancing poses as i could not lift – let alone straighten – my legs by myself.

it felt brilliant! i wanted more and more… i wanted to do it all over again. however, i left the shala being very tired. my body just gave up on me. i came home and laid on the sofa and – of course – fell asleep instantly 😉