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so, my second mysore class…

well, i was a little bit less excited as i guess i knew what was ahead of me πŸ˜‰ i got in among first students and put my mat in the corner of the room. the teacher picked up on it and said i should really be somewhere in the middle so she could keep her eye on me. sigh. i liked the idea of a corner…

i went through my practice more – less smoothly and was allowed to add two more asanas so finished at janushirshasana b – yippiieee!

i do have to say that i could not concentrate on my breathing – the depth and counting – as was distracted by people around me that i did not notice in my first class at all. i will blame πŸ˜‰ nobel’s post from couple of days ago where he talks about the very same issue. the girl next to me flew through her practice even though she started after me πŸ˜‰

on the other hand, it was very cool to see people doing advanced poses (only after my class finished i spied for 5 minutes – i promise). never before have i seen this for real. only youtube, books and dvd’s.

also, how on earth will i ever be able to roll my toes ;-(