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i have been thinking about this quite a lot. there is a considerable difference if my practice is first thing in the morning or in the afternoon/ evening.

i agree your body is more ready in the morning as your tummy is empty having had the chance to work on whatever you have eaten. it also does make me happy to get up, go on the mat which leaves me with a brilliant feeling that i have achieved something good before 8am – before i have even started my day properly.

i am not sure what other reasons are behind the morning practice but i know old ashtanghis will be able to add a few more.

however, i do find one thing that sometimes make me rebel against the idea of the morning practice and that is: my stiff half-asleep body. when i roll out on my mat first thing in the morning, i feel my body is incredibly stiff and it takes me almost all 5 surya a-s to be able to forward bend standing while in the afternoon practice i can go in quite deep smoothly straight away.

would this be another reason why you should go for the morning practice? as in – you can listen to your body’s capabilities more clearly in the morning as it tells you -wohoo, you are so not ready for that pose! cos in the afternoon, i feel warm and i feel like i can push myself further – which usually shows the day after when i have troubles lifting myself out of my bed as every single muscle hurts!

what do we think?