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here i go again.

since my last post not much has change. i still have pain in my right shoulder blade. i talked to the gp about it and he concluded it is not anything serious but rather an inflammation due to exertion of a very week muscle ;-( he said i should give it another 3-4 weeks and if it does not go away then to let him know. sigh. he did say i should continue with the exercise but not increase the strain.

it does annoy me this pain as it messes with my practice – i can’t go into chaturanga normally and even less into upward dog. hmmmm…. it drains the energy quicker and breaks my breathing patern. not good. i am hoping that a week of swimming will work wonders on the muscle being a different type of exercise.

i have since also read a few articles on a very good and useful website featuring yoga anatomy (thanks to a link from bindy’s blog) and it seems that this bad shoulder boy is quite a complex muscle that does quite a lot of work so it is important to respect it and work with it being improved and strengthened gradually.