So I got worked up last night about something. I promise, I have been very good at catching the beginning of any frustrations for a while now and nipping them in the bud, not allowing them to breathe and grow into a monster that completely rules over you. But yesterday I was not so successful. I ended up going to bed super annoyed.
I woke up this morning – yes, you are guessing still annoyed- and stepped out on my mat (i know it’s saturday but it’s likely I won’t have a chance to do my practice tomorrow).
on my mat…. man, that was a struggle. i could feel being still upset and could not concentrate or look forward to the practice. So I thought of stopping then and there and return to bed. But I didn’t. I decided that I will breathe the frustrations out. Ah, was I underestimating my feelings and overestimating the power of practice 🙂 still, i went with it. My breath was shaky and i had to pause couple of times to bring my thoughts back on track and get going.
I managed to finish but did not feel right. how powerful is your practice? can you bring yourself to centre? can you breath out all shit that annoys you? I am guessing it is possible but hard work. Also, i guess subconsciously I did not want to let go. anyway, on the train now. It’s taking me to the airport. and the plane will take me home after almost two years. yes, I am a bit teary now 🙂 happy ones. I will let go of this shit before I land. I promise.