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hitting my first major obstacle in my asana growth (not being able to do half-lotus or lotus) has basically stopped my practice at mary B. there are a few poses before where i need the half-lotus as well but i use an adjusted version there to work through them. mary B does not work quite like that – no half-lotus, no mary B.

for a split second, i panicked thinking i will be stuck here forever and will never grow further on. then i thought, well, let’s use this and try to work on the practice up to there and try to perfect (good luck me hehe) whatever i can do (one way or the other) – like a fellow blogger here (feels nice to know someone across the world is having same thoughts as i do ;-). this kinda calmed me down and i had a goal again – sorry, i am only human and goals make me move ;-(

the practice for the last three days has been very slow and i took my time in each movement. i have been feeling for a while that my shoulder has been pushed and struggled for the last month to have the pain disappear and had to do knee assisted chaturangas.

i spent last three days going through my books and reading about anatomy and trying to find tips about safe hip and knee openings. i also have to thank a very sweet nobel who very kindly wrote a post about hip opening – thank you nobel -very much appreciated.

so the last few practices, i went into chaturanga very slowly, thinking about the position of my hands, elbows, shoulders, etc etc. i opened my hips as much as possible in all the positions nobel wrote about and as i was worried about busting my knee, i listened to gregor maehle and did not fold forward in ardha baddha padmottanasana.

i went through every pose trying to remember where each muscle should be and adjusting myself deeper into each position. and it felt good. having said that, i do have sore muscles but this is a good sore 😉

there is only one thing i do wander about: my lower back is always painful after shavasana once my muscles have cooled down and i am not sure why?