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my class no. 5 today. no major reports apart from i looooooooooove going to the class – always feels so good. i wander why i always giggle in Utthita Hasta Pādānguṣṭhāsana 😉 do you?

so, greed i mentioned… here is the story. the shala i go to is near my husband’s studio, and his studio is near a very nice vietnamese cafe/ restaurant. and for a little while – ever since we have discovered this place – we have indulged ourselves with fantastic dinners. of course, these dinners are not quite diet-friendly and i have been trying to shed a few extra kilos i acquired recently. so, as every time after my practice in the shala, i was hungry. and i don’t mean ‘soup and skinny dinner’ hungry but ‘a guilty pleasure’ hungry. so, i called my husband and i suggested ‘the usual dinner’. then i felt very guilty of greed and 5 minutes later, i called again and said ‘nah, let’s go home instead’. but as soon as i put my phone away, i could visualise my usual meal and feel the smell and the taste. the picture of my meal in a beautiful gilded frame calling on me. so i broke down and i pulled my phone out again and called my husband. you are guessing, of course, what i said 😉   ‘meet you at the vietnamese’

greed, would we call it? i don’t know – you tell me. i just felt happy when i walked in and ordered my usual meal. ah, the world was even better now!

in my defence, i really did try to be disciplined and go for the soupy dinner. but it was not meant to be. i will learn about greed tomorrow. today was a good day 😉