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i was too tired to do my practice this morning especially after the class yesterday so i left it for this afternoon. came home after work and straight onto my mat.

i have been reading a lot about the practice in general and trying to apply all that was suggested by the senior teachers and a few bloggers as well.

so today my practice was a very composed one. more than a usual home practice. i enjoyed myself flowing (well, as much as i can πŸ˜‰ ). well, the bad news was that i could not repeat binding my arm to reach my foot inΒ ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana ;-( i think the difference is the heat in the shala that makes my body do more than i manage at home. but hey, i am patient. i know it will take time….

however, while i was doing vinyasas, i was concentrating on the position of my arms and if there was a way of adjusting the way i was going into chaturanga to enable me to lift up into upward dog without having to collapse on the floor first. and i think i found the fault. when lowering down my upper body was way too ahead of my hands which meant that i could not use my toes and feet to help me push the torso upwards so i was losing way too much strength on pushing myself up. the movement is still far from floating but it seems to be working.

the major breakthrough came also during vinyasas. when jumping forward with my legs crossed, i used to always just lump them on the ground and sit back. today i tried just getting my feet on the mat in between my hands and after 4th-5th vinyasa i managed to get them through with just slightly touching the floor! wooohoooo! and as i sat down i could not help myself but cheer out loud πŸ˜‰ well done me! i thought i would never progress on that. so i did it over an over again and cheered every single time πŸ˜‰ i know – not a very spiritual thing to do but it made me so happy hehehe

p.s. i booked two workshops with david swenson for november! can’t wait!