horray – i am back!

had wonderful 20 days in croatia last August and have been trying to get back into my daily practice routine ever since. it did not help that work in september is always the busiest 😉

anyway… back home and holidays already feel like a distant memory. i managed to keep my practice for a week on holidays but then it all slipped into too much sun, sea, swimming and beach. not a bad life though – can’t complain 😉

i am happy now that the practice is getting back on track – last week i managed to do it every day. the soreness was back but i was pleasantly surprised that my body remembered how flexible it got and i could get up to mary A with no problems. well, apart from my body aching for a couple of days… and the funny walk you have when all your leg muscles are in pain hehehehe….

i just got off the mat and i am happy i did the practice today but it was a very scatter-brain practice. all over the place! i had to finish after the standing sequence as my limbs would not listen to me. i know the challenge in those situation is to concentrate and finish but i saw no point as was not able to concentrate ;-(

but hey…. tomorrow is another day.