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another sunday wrapping up another week. my, time flies fast! already october and 11 weeks until xmas πŸ˜‰

a brief update on the practice… i have managed now to get back into the everyday-practice routine and i am very happy about that. had a spot of cold a week ago so had to take it easy specially with all poses where my head went down. with my whole nasal passageway congested, putting your head upside down meant a huge headache. nonetheless, i persisted and with a bit of help from kleenex tissues (a box or two πŸ˜‰ ) i managed to go through it. I did have to skip the class this week unfortunately as thought having lots of snotty tissues was all ok when you were at home alone but not in a busy shala.

i can notice that my form is still not what it used to be before – still some work to be done. the thing about having breaks in your practice is that it takes much longer to notice progress of course. you go one step forward and two backwards so to speak. i am still stuck on mary a and just cannot get my head around the deep half lotus position??? however, my jumpthroughs are getting better i think – mind you, far from being floating movement.

also, i have been working – or just thinking and concentrating – on trying to roll my toes but it does not quite work. there must be a technique for us with big-toed people πŸ˜‰