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the autumn is here ;-(

days are shorter and it is very dark in the morning. i don’t remember this having an affect on me before but i just seem to be constantly tired. i am having problem getting up in the morning – hence shifting my practice in the afternoon ;-( – and in the evening i can watch tv for about an hour and then i fall asleep on the sofa 😉 i do like that bit. not sure why it so sweet falling asleep on the sofa?!

i have also been quite bad with my food schedule this week. i seemed to had craving for all things not very healthy (bagels, frankfurters, omelettes and lots and lots of ice cream and many cokes…)

i came home from work today and hopped onto my mat straight away. i tried to be careful and move very strictly one-breath-one-move rule, even in between the poses. i flew through the practice and the sweat came very quickly (almost like when i go to the shala). I also cheated by extending the practice with few asanas – mary b (yes, i am managing to bind slowly), mary c and navasana. i even tried to walk into bhuja pidasana just to start getting used to the feeling of having the weight of my body on my hands and arms.

anyway… i switched off completely for the whole time thinking only breath and muscles. got me so hungry for another ice cream portion 😉