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so, my first large step – i have managed to bind in mary b! woooohoooooo!

the progress was happening for the last couple of weeks when i managed to bind for the first time in Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana and Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana thanks to a lovely assisant who came up to me and said ‘you can do it, you are there’. i still did not dare to try mary b for real but it did make me curious when practicing at home and i tried to sit in it. i kinda managed only one side.

so today, a very intensive practice as usual in shala and when i reached mary a, i asked the teacher (please no scornful looks) if she could make a decision if i was ready for mary b and i honestly admited that i tried it at home. hehe this did not go down well ;-( i got ‘the look’ and ‘naughty girl’ remark (good spirited – i hope). anyway, she asked me to try it and i did. she helped me bind on the first side and then i managed to do it by myself on the other side! man! such a good feeling 😉 i was about to finish when she asked if i wanted to try mary c as well. hell, yes! so i did 😉 yippppiiiiieeeee…. then i did not want to push it further and i just wrapped it up.

also, last class, the teacher was very sweet and she encouraged me to start trying to actually jump back rather than untangle and walk back as i usually do in my vinyasas. first few tries (that whole class actually) i looked rediculous – tripping and seriously looking ‘all thumbs’. i bet they all laughed 😉 but while doing it at home i managed to break it down to two steps: folding my legs and lifting up and then pushing them through and jumping back. so…… i am currently very proud of myself. a lifetime achievement award – i’m thinking 😉

it does feel very good and satisfying. and i don’t care that ashtanga is not competition and that it does not matter where you are in the practice but, MAN, this feels good 😉 finally achieving something that you struggled with for quite some time… cracking the code, having your body working with you… brilliant!

seeing david swenson this weekend. it’ll be many firsts, i am sure 😉