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i went for my first class with david swenson. yey! it was such an enjoyable end of the very tiring day (emotionally and physically).

that man has a very calming aura – you would think that should be a main predisposition for all yoga teachers out there. he is quite funny as well 😉 and that helps too.

class had, i believe, probably around 80-100 people there. as it was a big old mixture of people in there some of which have never taken an ashtanga class, he started from the very beginning breaking it down to its most important components:

  • ujjayi breath
  • drishti
  • bandhas
  • asana
  • vinyasa

he went into great detail bringing the essence of the practice to all of us. it was a bit school like as he asked questions and had to extract the answers from us. most of us being shy and not willing to speak up (or maybe just not knowing the answers, come to think of it 😉 ).

after some introduction, we slowly did a half-primary led so everyone can follow. he did skip some seating postures in order to make it easier. i swear, i never wanted to sleep more in savasana like after that class – partly because ended quite late and i was ready for bed.

this morning i am skipping his full primary led as, well… i can’t do the whole primary ;-( anyway, leaving house in 45min to go and do the second workshop. speak later. x