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triyoga description ran like this: This class will turn your world upside/down. In order to effectively invert the body we must create a strong foundation from which to grow. If we want to go up we must first learn to go down. This can be achieved by exploring the opposing forces at play in inversions. Back-bends can truly be defined as front openings. Rather than collapsing in the back we may learn to expand the front and open the heart to discover more depth with greater ease in our backward bending. The class will end with the participants sitting quietly with their breath. The simple act of breathing with awareness can be utilized as an incredible tool for self-exploration through understanding the deep spiritual connection that we have with our lifelong companion, breath.

well, that’s briefly it. apart from i believe we ran out of time so did not manage to finish with sitting with the breath – shame. but, nonetheless, it was a great class.

now for me, it was a bit daunting as i myself have never done any headstands or backbends. but, let me go from the top…

as david had a full primary led this morning i got up earlier and attempted doing a bit of practice just so i don’t go into a workshop un-stretched. man, was i stiff and sore hehehehe. it turned out, i needn’t worried too much as we took off with a run of surya a -s and surya b-s for warm-up.

we started with the definition of the inversion – body is inverted when the head is lower than heart. this is a very important thing to realize as it makes you aware that not only headstands and handstands are inversions but also downward dog etc. so you do inversions all the time. who knew!?!?

david had us in downward dog and we did a series of balance exercises getting used to having our body in a less scary inverted position (lifting arms, legs balancing on three or two limbs, t-shape balance..).

as i said, i have never done a headstand myself before. i don’t think it was the fear that stopped me, more the respect for the safe practice. also, when you do your finishing part in the shala you always move at the back or to another room and there is never a teacher free to help you ;-( anyway, i was curious to try it and was looking forward to it. first we did a ‘dolphin’ excersize of just having the arms in the position while in downward dog. then we paired up and had a go at the real thing. i was lucky enough to have my mat next to an ashtanga teacher so i trusted her completely and did a headstand in 3 different versions (sirsasana a, sirsasana with the head up in the air – not sure what’s that called – and pincha mayurasana).

backbends were a bit more troublesome. i usually have stiff lower back after my shala practice which probably means that my lower back muscles are non-existent 😉 or i am doing something consistently wrong. after few backbend excersizes being on your belly on the floor (lifting chest, legs and combo), david stressed that all backbends that we are working on should be mindful of opposing forces. he also referred to leg strength as a ‘james brown’ move 😉 and advised it should be used all the way through. he had us try and do ushtrasana – pushing the hips forward and the chest upwards while reaching for heals. that was good. coming back out of it was easy when the thigh muscles were engaged – the yoga fairy – as david calls it. then we worked in groups of three and did the backbend lifting from the floor into urdhva dhanurasana and then from u.d. into standing. now that was scary 😉

well, that’s about it. i am laying down on my sofa and feeling completely broken. i am afraid of what state my body will be in tomorrow ;-( i have three workshops lined up with first starting at 8am and last finishing at 5.30pm. so a hard day ahead. oh, my. for tonight on my schedule is a warm bath and early bed. oh, and some chocolate 😉 i’ll sign-off now and check in tomorrow. namaste