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i have just read a blog post by ellie – thank you – read here – and this has given me some thought…

i have personally never felt comfortable with chanting. and i don’t mean only with yoga. i was not raised religiously and growing up i came to a conclusion that all religions – if you are really hard core about it without using common sense and free interpretation – are really just a mean to control masses. some people out there thought that the fear of people towards the inexplicable things happening around them could be turned to their use by making them fearful and behaving in a controlled manner. that is my rational brain.

it is not that i don’t believe in anything. i do. but i do not believe in a particular deity. or two or three. i prefer to believe in the higher energy/ love and not make it a physical, concrete character or even a human being.

so, for that reason, i always felt uncomfortable with group praying and chanting of any sorts.

the blog above however does a very nice interpretation of the opening chant – one that i am very comfortable with. specially the following part:

‘The mantra doesn’t encourage regarding practice, or the “perfection” of asanas themselves as goals. Practice is not about achievement or acquisition. Thinking back to the idea of surrender, the mantra offers a possibility of what practice may bring us if we approach it with reverence, trust and humility.’

do you find me strange? are there any other yogis who feel the same? or even, can you be called a yogi if you do not embrace the full tradition and chanting as the spiritual part of the practice/ yoga?