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my 21st class. nice. a bit sore in my upper arms after the weekend but that was hardly a surprise. if anything, i was quite thrilled not to have felt totally broken after the weekend – hooray!

anyway, as i said, last week i managed to bind in mary b with teachers help in one of the sides. my class no. 21, i did it all by myself 😉 hooray! she did give me a little bit of help in mary c to bind a bit deeper and reach for my wrist as i could only catch fingers by myself.

and, oh my god, was i sweating tonight!?!? i know, to anyone in the outside world this sentence would be disgusting and i would have not dared writing it. but to all of you ashtangis it is a song for your ears, no? it is almost a measure of how much work it went into your daily practice. i say almost because we all don’t sweat the same amount. but it is a sweet sweat of hard core satisfying practice. i don’t personally usually sweat that much and find it very amusing sharing this information after every class with my husband to his misfortune. i also somehow think i judge my practice by the amount of sweat i produced. i mean, i reason it by: if i create lots of heat (sweat) i go deeper into asanas as my body is more adaptable and therefore i feel happier.

does this not go against – again – your practice should just BE and should not be measured in any way? am i being shallow here? i feel there are so many traps for us westerners here 😉