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another jump-through progress!

ever since david swenson’s workshop i have been trying to apply the same physics to my jump-backs attempts and today i saw a bit of progress. yey….

when jumping back i have been doing following: put my hands slightly ahead of hips, bring my legs crossed close to the chest and feet close to the hands and then using my feet lift up and move my upper body slightly forward so i can get the legs backwards. today, however, as per david’s tips i used the momentum of bringing my legs towards my chest to lift my bum off the floor. the main difference was that for this my hands had to be next to my hips rather than ahead. woohoo!

my body is still recovering (or still fighting the cold) so my practice was very slow and my hips just would not open so i decided to let go of the half-lotus poses and not insist in binding.

i love my mat…