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yesterday’s practice was by far the shortest i’ve ever had – i rolled out the mat, stepped on it and rolled it back up. short, no? ­čśë

i have been coming down with the cold for approx a week now but the cold has not caught me through and through. a bit of sore throat, a bit of blocked nose and lots of tiredness. and it was kind of ok until this weekend. i did a nice and full practice on both days but then yesterday i felt so unbelievably sore. specially my lower back. so stiff ;-( so i thought i might give it a miss. hence the shortness of practice.

i am not impressed with my immune system. i had quite a bad cold two months ago when it kept me two days in bed and to have one again was incredibly annoying. i am not the one to suffer from colds and i usually go around with maybe having a snotty nose once or twice a year. i certanly did not think this would bug me again so soon.

anyway, i am reading the signs and ignoring being annoyed. however, i’d like to be able to do at least a bit of my practice today. let’s see… ;-(