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happy new 2012 year! hope it will be better than the last to all of us and hope we feel more happy with who and where we are in our time of life.

life here has been a bit less worthy reporting on. i have embraced the spirit of christmas fully in the last 10 days and have been pretty much not doing more than stuffing myself with nice food. quite a few of the all-mighty coca-colas (my-biggest-vice) as well !!!

the practice has stopped on 22nd Dec as i have abused my body and felt too stuffed to move. ;-( unfortunately… i have also been feeling like my knees are very tight which is never good.

i did however want to quickly recap last year which -in ashtanga terms – was very important for following reasons:

  • i took an ashtanga course at the beginning of last year
  • around may time, i had my first mysore class at astanga yoga london shala and started my home practice which from then on has varied from 3 to 4 even 5 days a week.
  • around the same time i started this blog in order to record my relationship with ashtanga
  • the early morning practice has been attempted but not for long and have slipped back into the early evening one
  • mysore classes have been consistent on once-a-week basis
  • in november attended david swenson workshop weekend which was very enjoyable and most informative too
  • and the last but not the least – i got an honorary mention in the 2011 round-up on claudia’s blog 😉

new year resolutions? i usually do not make any but i will try and make my practice steadier.

well, i better do a short practice now to start a warm up and to get back into the full practice before my first mysore class on the 10th January.

happy new year!