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this usually implies somewhat saucy videos… but i have to disappoint you here – just my practice ;-(

i have never seen myself practice so i thought it might be a good idea to film the practice and to see what my body does for real so i can work on the depth of the practice and really use the full potential of each and every asana. i can tell you watching myself was somewhat of a surprise (uncomfortable too)! my body looked kinda clumsy in quite a lot of poses and movements that i believed were properly accomplished! ah, what an illusion! 😉

i usually get adjusted in more-less the same poses every week at the shala – you know – the usual suspects like a push while in down dog, Prasarita Padottanasana C, Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana, squish in Paschimottanasana B and maybe a lift in Purvottanasana. but last practice i had before xmas, i was adjusted in poses like Utthita Parshvakonasana and Parivritta Parshvakonasana as well as Virabhadrasana A and Virabhadrasana B which made me curious to what was the teacher referring at. i also wanted to check my sun salutes.

so, a curtesy of my hubby, i set up the camera and had a go. as a little digression here, i dropped my practice during xmas due to overeating and a sore left knee (acquired from running rather than yoga i believe), getting back into it winter time is not an easy thing. so my first new year’s practice was only up to pachimottanasana as i did not want to push my knee bending it too much. anyway…. the video was an interesting tool, i have to say – quite an eye opener. my body was not quite as straight as i thought/ felt it to be while practicing. also my lunges (all asanas where there is a knee bending deep lunge) were not that deep. i also noticed i moved in certain parts way too quickly not taking my time to go fully into the pose.

so i went through the whole thing, remembered all the remarks i had and used them in my next day practice. and, my-oh-my, what a difference a day make 😉 all of a sudden i realised what people meant when they said that the standing sequence and the virabadrasanas where very good hip openers! i never really bent/ lunged deep enough to feel certain muscles engage. it turns out my Utkatasana used to be quite forward bent pose and it was a lot of effort to have myself straightened out, if you know what i mean…. and so on…

that next-day-practice felt good, i took my time in every step of every asana, brought my full attention to it and slowed down and aligned my breath to it. i took it easy over the next following days and i am now back to mary c but still not being able to bend my left knee in the first side of mary b. might need to skip my shala practice next week not to risk an unhappy knee.

enjoy your sunday – a very cloudy one in london ;-(