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i got myself a new dvd last week. yippiiieee! ashtanga yoga by john scott.

i needed something that i could practice along and use as my ‘friday led’ class. i read, of course, about john scott. so many ashtangis find him so inspiring and always list him as one of the best teachers out there.

dvd includes introduction about ashtanga – all the basics about it: breath (ujjaji), asana, vinyasa, bandha, drishti.

practice is split in 5 levels – complete beginners, beginners 1 and 2 and then half and full practice.

i believe his dvd is not the best for total beginners. even though the practice is split in few levels you still have to have basic knowledge from the class to participate. otherwise you will find it too fast to work with it. or have a great amount of time rewinding it in order to work out the asana. even the cover says – it is meant to be a tool for your home practice to complement your practice with the certified teacher. so, if you are just starting out, you might be better off taking a course. if this is not possible, as a beginner, i would suggest going for another dvd that brakes it down asana-by-asana like the one by nicki doane.

i am, however, enjoying this dvd. now that my practice has been built up to nearly half way, i like the slow count and the reminders that give me the feel of a led class. so, if you need it for this purpose than i wholeheartedly recommend it.

good news for all of us in uk is that john and his wife lucy have recently moved to cornwall, uk, so i am hoping i get to do a workshop with them at some point.