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so… trying to work through my crisis. the decision is not to give up. work through it, work with it.

after being annoyed with my aching knee for the last couple of months, and therefore consequently ruining my practice, i am trying to apply what we have so many times heard and read – as above – work with it.

i had a nice practice today up to paschimottanasanas. there was a new found excitement and vigour and a nice flow. working through it i did have a particular thought that kept popping up in my mind – the love and care for your near ones and the worry when you find out they are not well. i think this was what prompted my re-awakening,  it kind of shakes you and puts your life and our problems in perspective – you have nothing if you don’t have health! this was a mantra that my father repeated all my life – and it is oh so true.

so, in conclusion, i decided to stick with my practice but remembering what david said – do it to your abilities and using adjustments. not all people will be able to do all asanas and there is no reason for us not to be able to practice.

look after your health!