i was just reading claudia’s sunday yoga blog times and it prompted me to write a couple of lines about all of the stuff that has been written and said out there.

i won’t provide the links but if you are into yoga and read blogs etc i am sure you will know what i am talking about. i can’t help myself but think that these kind of titles and behaviour in regards to yoga world (anusara, ashtanga…) happening at the moment are just a result of our western mind. our society has made majority of us lose the moral balance either exploiting the trust of those who look up to you, turning everything into a commercial enterprise, being envious, sniping, competing. not sure western world can handle the idea of yoga or anything spiritual as the only way we can make it close to and accepted by the majority is if it’s commercial. the language of money has made our world move for way too long.

yoga is meant to be a tool to accomplish the ‘union’ between the mind and the body so we would be able to reach within us and let go of our ego so we would not have any negative feelings. from what is being said, and with the risk of sounding very contradictory, i can only conclude that majority of the yoga world has still not grasped the idea behind it.

better stay out of it…