after my practice abstinence for the last nearly couple of months, i do genuinely miss getting on the matt so am looking forward to some stretching this weekend.

i have just read a beautiful note written by eric jeffers on facebook. i am not sure who he is – a friend of a friend i guess but the words were simple truth.

here they are for you to read too… enjoy and happy practicing!

‘This morning I practiced. 

 It was very simple. I unrolled a mat, said a few words softly to myself, and began.

 Nobody asked me to open or expand anything. I was not instructed to take anything from one level to another. No one asked me to melt any part of my body. It was never suggested that I should embody some concept or another. I didn’t hear anyone speak their truth. No one assured me that I could manifest anything I wanted. It was never suggested that I would be happier if I bought some new product. I wasn’t told to pursue any bliss. Spirit was neither mentioned nor invoked. No one used the word energy. Nobody implied that I could be stronger, more beautiful or more free than I currently am. 

 In fact, no one spoke at all. 

 I spent two hours moving through a familiar sequence of poses. I did this practice in a warm, quiet room listening to my breath and the breath of those practicing nearby. I was assisted by a gentle and patient human being who, for the most part, left me alone to do my work. At the end of my practice, I lay on the floor completely still for a long time.

 When I was done, I quietly left. People smiled at me on my way out. I smiled at them.

 I will practice again tomorrow.’